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Hundreds of millions of websites are powered by WordPress (43% of all websites). As a result WordPress websites are a prime target for hackers due to its popularity. Website Security is very important.There are well over 7.5 million attacks on WordPress sites every hour so the probability of your website being attacked is almost guaranteed. While no one can guarantee that your website will never be hacked, simple steps can be taken to harden WordPress websites to make them more difficult to hack.

It’s all too easy to think it won’t happen to you, that your site is safe from hackers. The truth is, your website is a valued target to hackers for many reasons.There are tens of thousands of security attacks happening every minute of every day, and hackers show no prejudice when it comes to the size of the website or business they attack.

Hackers never stop, website exposures never end and staying current on your website’s security posture is important.

Website vulnerability scanning service

Our website security service is GREATLY valued by many of our clients.  We scan your website for security issues and supply a full report and estimate to make your website more secure.  Many of our customers contract this service from us quarterly to insure their website is always current with security patches.

Website Defenses

To help bolster a website’s security, we can install security related plugins that can add a greater level of security to your WordPress website.  These tools can really add a layer of protection against hacker techniques like brute force logins and other techniques.

We want our customer’s websites to be secure, we care!  Below are a couple testimonials from our clients

SmartyWebBuilders really helped us to keep our website secure. We had been hacked twice before we engaged them, all quiet now thanks to SmartyWebBuilders – G Hodges – Medical Provider

SmartyWebBuilders got our website cleaned up and secure after it had been hacked. Our original website developer vanished and they really saved us! – B Proven – Attorney at Law

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website security