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Video Marketing

Effective Social Media Marketing and More

Having a website and strong SEO alone is not enough, you need quality traffic to your website for it to be effective. You need to reach your customers in the social media venues that they frequent and gain the exposure that you need. SmartyWebBuilders can help you achieve this!

Today’s world is social media connected. Many ocial media platforms have millions of connected users.

InfoMedia Videos

We also produce and develop “InfoMedia” videos. InfoMedia videos are custom short videos that promote a customer’s message, product or service. InfoMedia videos entertain visually, hold the viewers attention for a short time, use pleasing music and deliver a customer’s message. Via online services like YouTube or others, we can “link” these videos into social media and/or your website. We will also furnish you an MP4 Video file that you can upload / use in your social media marketing efforts.  Everyone is competing for a customer’s attention and a customer’s attention is hard to get!, InfoMedia videos are short, entertaining and get the message out.

In today’s world of limited attention spans and a lot of media “noise”, long running videos and volumes of text in a post are dead. People bypass them with a swipe of their thumb. Our InfoMedia videos are designed to be entertaining (music, visual and emotional), short and deliver a message that helps to make your brand memorable ( in a good way) and attract customer to your business.

Our InfoMedia videos are affordable and we can typically “turn them around” quickly for customers. As mentioned above, we can also integrate the videos in social media and customer websites too!

SmartyWebBuilder’s YouTube channel has many of the InfoMedia videos that we created for ourselves and customers. View our YouTube channel here.

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