If you build it they will come .. not really

Building website customer traffic is probably the most overlooked and critical activity needed for a new website (and sometimes a new business). Too often customers think “All I need is a website and people will come”. That is not true on the internet, just like it is not true in real life. If you open a new pet sitting business and don’t market your business no one will know about it.  Marketing is vital.  Ignore it and it might take so long for a “grass roots or word of mouth” business to create demand that people get discouraged or close their new business before it “takes hold”.

SmartyWebBuilders knows this too well.  When it comes to driving and creating website traffic we offer marketing services to help our customers “build” website traffic.  We do not focus on just “traffic or hits”, we want “good traffic” for our customers. We aim to craft website/business exposure to the right demographics for your small to medium size business in your market. For many small and medium size business owners, attracting customers in states far away or other countries is a waste of their money and efforts..they need local markets!   SmartyWebBuilders understands this.

Some of our Marketing services include:

In the movie “Field of Dreams”, the line “If you build it .. they will come” was a key motivation for creating the baseball field. Unfortunately, on the internet you need to do more than just “build” your website for people to come.. you have to market.

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