Website Vulnerability Scanning

More than 2 million websites are powered by WordPress and holding number one position with 67% of market share in CMS world. This makes WordPress websites a prime target for hackers. There are well over 7.5 million attacks on WordPress sites every hour so the probability of your site being attacked is almost guaranteed. Simply scanning your site for vulnerabilities and fixing them, however, can help you keep nasty hackers at bay.

It’s all too easy to think it won’t happen to you, that your site is safe from hackers. After all, what hacker would really care about your business website? The truth is, your website is a valued target to hackers for many reasons. If your site has personal information on it, a hacker could use it for identity theft and could hack into any other account you have on the internet, especially if you use the same passwords for everything. I’m talking social media accounts, bank accounts, you name it – your whole life could be compromised because of a single vulnerability in your site. Often hackers compromise websites to display unwanted banner ads or distribute malicious content to visitors (ransomware, etc.) on your website and there are many other reasons.  From a business perspective, this could have significant negative business consequences.

Hackers never stop, website exposures never end and staying current on your website’s security posture is important.

SmartyWebBuilders now offers website vulnerability scanning services.  We can remotely scan your website and deliver a full vulnerability report to our customers.  Armed with this report, customers can then take the steps needed to fortify the security on their website.

While we do offer a “one time scan service”, we urge customers to contract with us to perform monthly website vulnerability scans due to constantly changing landscape of website exploits and vulnerabilities ( and hackers never stop).. its a moving target.

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